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Rural Healthcare

Rural Healthcare


Ref. information extracted from National Rular Health Mission.

1. Rural healthcare centers fall woefully short in terms of trained medical personnel.

2. 8% of all rural healthcare centers don’t doctors.

3. 39% of all rural healthcare centers don’t have lab technicians.

4. 18% of all rural healthcare centers don’t have a pharmacist.

5. 75% of all medical graduates live in urban areas, serving only 28% of the population.

As a result, mobile medical units are the best and most viable solution.


1. 700 million Indians live in 636,000 villages across India.

2. Preventable and curable diseases have high mortality rates: diarrhoea, measles and typhoid.

3. 66% or rural Indian dont’t have access to staple lifesaving medicines.

4. 31% of the rural population travels more than 30 kilometers while seeking basic healthcare services.

Source: Healthcare in Rural India by Ashok jhunjhunwala, suma prashant sammer sawarkar (IIT Madras)